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Embark on a transformative journey by registering for the highly anticipated Beyond the Passport Summit '23 in Saint Lucia, the ultimate destination for citizenship by investment professionals. Discover a streamlined application process that ensures efficiency, saving you valuable time and resources. Experience a visionary national initiative where CIP Saint Lucia, the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, Export Saint Lucia, and Import Saint Lucia converge to create a dynamic business ecosystem with growth and opportunity. Immerse yourself in unparalleled networking, innovation, and knowledge at the summit. Delve into the benefits of Saint Lucia's breathtaking natural beauty and thriving business landscape. Be part of this transformative event that unlocks the full potential of Saint Lucia, paving the way for a brighter future. Register now and seize extraordinary opportunities, elevating your success and embarking on a remarkable journey in the world of citizenship by investment.

Countdown to Beyond the Passport '23

Unleash Opportunities & Engage in Saint Lucia's Potential

Twenty compelling reasons to attend Beyond the Passport Summit '23 and unlock the boundless opportunities in Saint Lucia for CBI, tourism, and industry professionals.

number 1

Stable Economy

Saint Lucia offers a stable and resilient economy.

number 2

Citizenship Benefits

Visa-free travel and attractive citizenship benefits.

number 3

Tax Incentives

Enjoy favourable tax incentives in Saint Lucia

number 4

Education & Healthcare

Access high-quality education and healthcare services.

number 5

Strategic Location

Benefit from a strategic Caribbean location.

number 6

Generational Citizenship

Pass down citizenship to future generations.

number 7

Natural Beauty

Discover stunning beaches, rainforests, and mountains.

number 8

Political Stability

Experience a stable and secure political environment.

number 9

Diverse Investments

Explore diverse investment opportunities in Saint Lucia.

number 10

Cultural Heritage

Immerse yourself in a vibrant cultural scene.

number 11

Global Accessibility

Convenient access to North America and Europe.

number 12

Streamlined Process

Efficient and smooth citizenship application process.

number 13

Trusted Reputation

Saint Lucia is known for its integrity and transparency.

number 14

Proven Success

A reputable track record in citizenship by investment.

number 15

Luxurious Lifestyle

Enjoy a relaxed and luxurious way of life.

number 16

Economic Growth

Saint Lucia offers opportunities for economic growth.

number 17

Stable Economy

Saint Lucia offers a stable and resilient economy

number 18


Gain access to the Caribbean Community benefits.

number 19

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Fostering innovation and business development.

number 20

Community Engagement

Join a welcoming and engaged community.


Welcome to Beyond the Passport Summit 2023! Join us as global experts discuss the future of Caribbean Economic Citizenship. Our speaker lineup is being finalized, promising a diverse and engaging roster. Interested in sponsoring the event? Secure a premium speaker spot or participate in panel discussions. Showcase your brand and contribute to this important conversation. Visit our sponsorship section or contact our team at for more information. Check back for updates, and see you at the summit!

Image of Hon. Philip Pierre Prime Minister of Saint Lucia. Click to read his profile.

Hon. Philip J Pierre

Prime Minister Saint Lucia
Image of Hon. Dr Ernest Hiliare Deputy PM of Saint Lucia. Click to read his profile.

Hon. Dr Ernest Hilaire

Deputy Prime Minister, Saint Lucia
Image of Mc Claude Emmanuel, CEO of CIP Saint Lucia. Click to view profile.

Mc Claude Emmanuel

CEO, CIP Saint Lucia
Lorne Theophilus, Chairperson Saint Lucia CIU Board. Click to view profile.

Lorne Theophilus

Chairperson, Citizenship by Investment Board
Octavian Charles

Octavian Charles

CEO, Invest Saint Lucia
Sunita Daniel

Sunita Daniel

CEO, Export Saint Lucia
Lorine Charles-St. Jules

Lorine Charles-St. Jules

CEO, Saint Lucia Tourism Authority
Natalie John

Natalie John

Director and CEO of CGC Inc.
Les Khan

Les Khan

CEO, Caribbean Galaxy
Kristian Henry

Kristian Henry

Legal Officer, Saint Lucia CIU
Dan Banes

Dan Banes

Global Head of Commercial Markets, Exiger
Tatiana Muntean

Tatiana Muntean

Director of Stakeholder Relations, IMC
Day 1 Keynote

Honourable Philip J Pierre

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economic Development and the Youth Economy

Prepare for a captivating Keynote Speaker reveal at Beyond the Passport Summit 2023! We're eager to share this exciting announcement with you soon. Keep an eye on our website for regular updates on our evolving speaker lineup, featuring global experts in Caribbean Economic Citizenship. Don't miss out on this engaging and thought-provoking event—join us at the summit and be part of the conversation!

Day 2 Keynote

Honourable Dr Ernest Hilaire

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information

Prepare for a captivating Keynote Speaker reveal at Beyond the Passport Summit 2023! We're eager to share this exciting announcement with you soon. Keep an eye on our website for regular updates on our evolving speaker lineup, featuring global experts in Caribbean Economic Citizenship. Don't miss out on this engaging and thought-provoking event—join us at the summit and be part of the conversation!

The Agenda

Join us for Beyond the Passport Summit 2023, a unique two-day event spotlighting Caribbean Economic Citizenship. Listen to global experts, engage in enlightening discussions and expand your network. But, the excitement doesn't stop there! Coinciding with the festive Saint Lucia's Carnival season, your evenings will be filled with vibrant performances and cultural celebrations. Ensure to visit the Activities page to explore all that awaits you. It's not just a summit; it's a perfect blend of professional growth, cultural immersion, and unforgettable experiences. Book early to secure your spot in this extraordinary adventure!


Welcome Cocktail


Arrival and Registration


Keynote Address and Official Opening

Keynote Address and Official Opening



Economic Impact through Investment Opportunities


Panel Discussion

Investing in our sustainable development



Saint Lucia citizenship value to national development – a due diligence perspective.


Panel Discussion

Due diligence and verification - A deep dive





Best Value Caribbean Citizenship Beyond the Passport


Panel Discussion

The value of 2nd citizenship to global citizens



Launch of the VIBE


Panel Discussion

Saint Lucia’s approach to the grant of citizenship by creating a VIBE


Cocktail Event



Brand Saint Lucia – Our strengthened and consolidated value offering



Introduction to Brand Saint Lucia MOU


Panel Discussion

Sustainable Tourism key to Brand Saint Lucia



Meeting the demands of the modern investor, beyond the passport


Panel Discussion

Investing in Saint Lucia beyond the passport



Launch of Saint Lucia Investment Portfolio




Presentation and Q&A

Alien Landholding Process & Issuance



Efficient & Transparent Processing in the age of de-risking


Panel Discussion

Banking and Financial Regulatory Compliance – the crucial link in the CBI chain


Signing of MoU

Signing of Memorandum of Understanding – Brand Saint Lucia


Closing Cocktail


Join our upcoming summit to Network with industry luminaries, gain invaluable insights, and immerse yourself in the latest trends. Secure your spot for exclusive sessions and networking events that will elevate your career to unprecedented heights.

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Brand Visibility Opportunities: Amplify your brand's reach and influence.
Event Resources: Tap into exclusive insights and knowledge.
Extended Networking Opportunities: Continue networking beyond the summit.
Coffee and Lunch Services: Savour gourmet meals amidst learning and networking.

All Access - Group

All access pass: speeches, panels, workshops: two days

All perks available with the all access single ticket.
Discounted group rates starting at $900 for groups of 3 or more


By sponsoring Beyond the Passport Summit '23, you're not just promoting your brand but joining a community of innovators. Connect with industry leaders, contribute to meaningful conversations, and demonstrate your commitment to progress. It's a positive move with reassuring benefits.

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