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Octavian Charles

Octavian Charles

CEO, Invest Saint Lucia

Meeting the demands of the modern investor, beyond the passport
Signing of Memorandum of Understanding – Brand Saint Lucia
Banking and Financial Regulatory Compliance – the crucial link in the CBI chain
Saint Lucia’s approach to the grant of citizenship by creating a VIBE
Launch of the VIBE
The value of 2nd citizenship to global citizens
Best Value Caribbean Citizenship Beyond the Passport
Efficient & Transparent Processing in the age of de-risking
Alien Landholding Process & Issuance
Investing in Saint Lucia beyond the passport
Launch of Saint Lucia Investment Portfolio
Sustainable Tourism key to Brand Saint Lucia
Investing in our sustainable development
Economic Impact through Investment Opportunities
Introduction to Brand Saint Lucia MOU
Brand Saint Lucia – Our strengthened and consolidated value offering
Due diligence and verification - A deep dive
Saint Lucia citizenship value to national development – a due diligence perspective.
Keynote Address and Official Opening

As the Chief Executive Officer of Invest Saint Lucia, Mr. Charles has the responsibility of leading the organisation charged for promoting Saint Lucia as an ideal investment hub in the Eastern Caribbean and effecting change in the country’s economic development.   

Prior to his appointment, Charles served as a Corporate Banking Manager where he evaluated development projects financed by the institution in addition to monitoring local, regional, and international economic environments for trends and events relevant to Saint Lucia’s socio-economic progress. In his previous roles, as Branch Manager of Bank of Saint Lucia, he identified and recommended customer and revenue growth opportunities aligned with the company’s strategy.

Charles brings to the role a wealth of senior leadership experience, as well as insight into the operations of two critical sectors—agriculture and finance. He serves at the helm of several development focused organisations. These include Chairman of BELFUND and Director of St. Lucia Marketing Board, as well as his previous stint as Director of the National Research and Development Foundation. 

A graduate of the University of Reading, he holds multiple qualifications in the field of Agriculture, including an MSc. in Agricultural Extension Systems and Management.  When he is not overseeing corporate initiatives, you can surely find him cultivating plants on his island farm.