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Tatiana Muntean

Tatiana Muntean

Director of Stakeholder Relations, IMC

Meeting the demands of the modern investor, beyond the passport
Signing of Memorandum of Understanding – Brand Saint Lucia
Banking and Financial Regulatory Compliance – the crucial link in the CBI chain
Saint Lucia’s approach to the grant of citizenship by creating a VIBE
Launch of the VIBE
The value of 2nd citizenship to global citizens
Best Value Caribbean Citizenship Beyond the Passport
Efficient & Transparent Processing in the age of de-risking
Alien Landholding Process & Issuance
Investing in Saint Lucia beyond the passport
Launch of Saint Lucia Investment Portfolio
Sustainable Tourism key to Brand Saint Lucia
Investing in our sustainable development
Economic Impact through Investment Opportunities
Introduction to Brand Saint Lucia MOU
Brand Saint Lucia – Our strengthened and consolidated value offering
Due diligence and verification - A deep dive
Saint Lucia citizenship value to national development – a due diligence perspective.
Keynote Address and Official Opening

Tatiana Muntean, CMP, IMCM is a dynamic and accomplished professional, renowned for her expertise in the investment migration management industry. Currently serving as the Director of Stakeholders Relations at the Investment Migration Council (IMC), she plays a pivotal role in expanding and strengthening the IMC membership and driving initiatives that foster growth and benefit stakeholders within the investment migration industry.

Having worked extensively across Europe, the USA, and Asia, she has been instrumental in enhancing operational excellence and strategically nurturing new clients, contributing significantly to the success of global investment migration operations.

Moreover, Tatiana is a Certified Business Coach licensed by the International Erickson Coaching Academy. Leveraging her coaching prowess, she develops and mentors cross-functional and sales teams, elevating their performance and fostering a culture of collegiality, efficiency, and productivity. Tatiana's ability to blend strategic thinking with hands-on guidance empowers individuals to unleash their full potential, leading to outstanding results in both personal and professional realms.

Prior to joining the investment migration industry, Tatiana served in positions of increasing responsibility at international organizations such as the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC). During her tenure, she actively engaged in global stakeholder management and relationship building, fostering collaboration between governments, international organisations, NGOs and academia.